Minimum requirements

The introduction to the translation project should

be more than 500 words
be written in English
contain 3 strategies each with 5 examples at least
a good introduction should have 15 strategies with one example each
never mention the name of the supervisor
never use weak, vague general statements such as
a. I did my best to transfer the meaning
b. i faced many problems in the text
c. i did my best to make the translation clear
follow the format in this file
the introduction pages numbers should be in Latin

The introductory paragraph:
should contain the name of the author, book title, name of chapters or title of the articles
(maximum 3 lines)
brief description of the book which includes the field of the translation
(maximum 3 lines)
The approach or method of your translation and reason for choosing it
(2 lines maximum)
the reason of translating the text chosen for the project
(maximum 2 lines)
avoid reasons that have no impact on you as a translator such as
a. the Arab world needs to know about blah blah blah
b. i love the field such and such
c. to spread the word of Allah to other cultures
more acceptable reasons:
a. the text was chosen to observe the cultural shifts due to the author style of blah blah
b. the text provides an insight into translation of slang and the transformation it goes through during the translation h
process while keeping faithful to the style of the author blah blah blah

try to be academic and Subjective. avoid the use of I, me and my and make use of the passive structure
in my opinion, the best strategy is to use bla bla bla
should be
considering the context, the best strategy is bla bla bla

what are the approaches and strategies?

read this file to refresh your memory
there is also a hand-out at the copy center that has more information